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Footwork Passing Guide vs the Seated Guard


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This course will be heavily focused on footwork passing, (commonly known as speed passing) versus the Seated Guard. A big priority in this course is to educate your understanding of body positioning, in order to create passing angles before your opponent grips you. At the end of these lessons, you’ll not only have a wide arsenal of passing weapons, but an expanded overall view of Jiu Jitsu and how to apply these concepts everywhere.

Inside This Course
What’s Included:
  1. Intro to Footwork Passing – 1 Min
  1. Stance and Range – 5 Min
  2. Pulling vs Framing a Collar Grip – 4 Min
  3. Pivoting Point – 3 Min
  4. Front Door vs Back Door – 4 Min
  1. Front Door Toreando, Beating the Frame – 5 Min
  2. Front Door Toreando vs Posting Arm – 5 Min
  3. Front Door Toreando vs the Frame – 4 Min
  4. Front Door Toreando to Knee Slice – 7 Min
  5. Front Door Toreando to Folding Pass – 9 Min
  6. Front Door Toreando to Back Door Pass – 6 Min
  7. Front Door Toreando to Forklift Pass – 7 Min
  8. Forklift Pass to Back Door – 4 Min
  1. Back Door Pass To The Back – 5 Min
  2. Back Door Pass To Side Control – 3 Min
  3.  Back Door Pass Vs Posting Arm – 3 Min 
  4. Back Door Pass Vs The Frame – 4 Min
  5. Back Door Pass Vs A Strong Knee Line – 5 Min
  6. Back Door Pass To Leg Drag – 5 Min
  7. Back Door Pass Vs Leg Block – 4 Min
  1. Passing VS Angle Seated Guard – 4 Min
  1. Hand Fighting and Set Ups vs Overextended Arms – 6 Min
  1. Final Recap – 3 Min
Take a Small Preview:
Chapter 2 – Lesson 4:
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After years of requests for my Footwork Passing DVD, I have finally decided this is the right time to give it to you guys! The first series will be reviewing how to approach passing the seated guard. It took me so many years to develop this system. When I started competing at black belt I had a really hard time passing guard, so I spent so many hours trying to develop a way to control and create angles before my opponent fully controlled me. It wasn’t until 2019 I really start to have success with this in competition. That year I won the Brazilian nationals and previously I had zero major titles. This system works at ALL levels, I even have white belts footwork passing – as this has given them a blueprint to viewing guard passing. I hope you guys enjoy this course. And as always feel free to message me on Instagram with any questions you may have. @isaacdoederlein

I hope you all enjoy!

Get started now to improve your Foot Work Passing vs the Seated Guard.

Isaac Doederlein

Isaac Doederlein is an American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under the legendary Rubens Charles, also known as “Cobrinha”.

Isaac began his martial arts journey ~18 years ago, when his mother signed him on her church’s group judo program at the age of 11. Doederlein stuck to the course up until his 14th birthday when he moved to Arizona opting to join a jiu-jitsu academy. At the age of 18, one month after finishing High School, Isaac Doederlein decided to invest everything into his passion, and move to Los Angeles. His goal was to train under Cobrinha full time, in hopes to fulfill a life’s dream of becoming a World Champion.