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Footwork Passing vs the Supine Guard


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My Footwork Passing vs the Supine Guard DVD is finally out now! This is my whole system on how I approach Toreando Passing. I could never pass with the traditional Toreando like most of the top athletes, because I felt like it required too much coordination on my part. So it was difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what made it work consistently. So I had to develop my own way to slow things down so that I could think and clearly assess my partners reactions and play my game. Now that I have it down to a science, this system has made it so much more fun for me to move freely on top, and has given me the ability to improvise and see these opportunities to pass.  Read more below.

Inside This Course
What’s Included:
  1. Intro to Supine Guard Passing – 1 Min
  1. 3 Passing Zones – 2 Min
  2. Inside Staple Intro – 3 Min
  3. Inside State Set Ups – 3 Min
  4. Framing vs Pulling – 4 Min
  5. Pivoting Point – 2 Min
  6. Ribs vs C-Grip – 4 Min
  7. Front Door vs Back Door Pass – 3 Min
  8. Leg Drag vs Knee Pinch – 4 Min
  1. Ribs Toreando vs No Frame – 4 Min
  2. Ribs Toreando vs the Frame – 4 Min
  3. Ribs Toreando to Knee Slice – 6 Min
  4. Knee Slice to Cantu Choke – 4 Min
  5. Back Door Leg Drag vs Knee Shield – 5 Min
  6. Knee Shield Leg Drag to Knee Pinch – 4 Min
  7. Ribs Toreando to Over Under Stack – 6 Min
  8. Passing Options from Over Under Stack – 9 Min
  9. Ribs Toreando to Front Door Thigh Drag – 4 Min
  10. Ribs Toreando to Back Door Thigh Drag – 4 Min
  11. Ribs Toreando to Leg Trap Leg Drag – 5 Min
  12. Leg Drag Option Vs Strong Knee Line – 3 Min
  13. Leg Trap to Knee Pinch – 4 Min
  1. C-Grip Intro – 4 Min
  2. C-Grip Toreando vs No Frame – 2 Min
  3. C-Grip Toreando vs Frame – 3 Min
  4. C-Grip Toreando to Back Door vs Knee Shield – 4 Min
  5. C-Grip Toreando Back Door Vs Foot – 4 Min
  1. Set Ups to C-Grip vs Armpit Hook – 4 Min
  2. C-Grip Set Ups vs Knee Shield – 2 Min
Take a Small Preview:
Chapter 1 – Lesson 1:
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We will be reviewing the 3 passing zones in detail that I constantly look out for when I’m on top, and also how to create angles by shutting off one of my opponents legs. I recommend this passing system to all levels, from white to black! I honestly didn’t figure this stuff out til my 4th year as a black belt, and that year I won my first major title at the Brazilian Nationals. Since then I have worked hard to continue evolving these concepts and even testing them with some of my students who have found lots of success in it also. This DVD goes into detail on the different reactions your opponent might give you when passing and how you should react to pass effectively, keeping you two steps ahead.

These concepts are game changer and I’ve broken them down into easily digestible videos to ensure you get the most out of it. I am confident it will improve anyones passing if applied correctly. My goal is to help as many people improve their Jiu-jitsu as efficient as possible while having a more enjoyable time passing the Supine Guard as I have been!!

As always feel free to message me on Instagram with any questions you may have regarding any of my DVD’s. @isaacdoederlein

I hope you all enjoy this one!

Get started now to improve your Foot Work Passing vs the Supine Guard.


Isaac Doederlein

Isaac Doederlein is an American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under the legendary Rubens Charles, also known as “Cobrinha”.

Isaac began his martial arts journey ~18 years ago, when his mother signed him on her church’s group judo program at the age of 11. Doederlein stuck to the course up until his 14th birthday when he moved to Arizona opting to join a jiu-jitsu academy. At the age of 18, one month after finishing High School, Isaac Doederlein decided to invest everything into his passion, and move to Los Angeles. His goal was to train under Cobrinha full time, in hopes to fulfill a life’s dream of becoming a World Champion.